Divorce Proof Your Marriage

Divorce Proof Your Marriage

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A Powerful, Practical, and Personal Guide to Couplehood

Whether your marriage is just getting started, amazingly successful, or on the ropes, this program is for you.

Everything is in a state of evolution including your marriage. In Divorce-Proof Your Marriage Todd teaches you the principles to making your marriage work and how to sustain it over the long haul.

The inner workings of marriages revealed...

This program is based upon Todd’s 30+ years of work with thousands of couples in his practice.    Full of wise, practical principles, interwoven with stories of real couples applicable for all stages of relationships, whether you are married or interested in being marriage.

Here’s what you’ll learn this 4 module program:

  1. How to know if your relationship is headed for divorce: Understanding the REAL reasons why people divorce.
  2. Strengthening the Bond:  How to think about yourself, your relationship and your partner in a positive light
  3. Communication:  How to use it to maximize your connection and minimize the chance of divorce
  4. Dysfunctional patterns:  This is not your parents relationship...how to stop repeating patterns from the past
  5. The Divorce Proof Lifestyle:  why successful marriages work, and how to create  the divorce proof lifestyle.
  6. Great Sex:  How to rekindle and keep the passion alive.   Experience more pleasure and connectedness in your relationship.